19/09/2015 -
Backgrounds added to Sprites page.


But where can I get this game?

Pulseman is available for purchase from the Wii Virtual Console section of the Wii Shop Channel for around 900 Nintendo Points. Want to get it on your Wii U? Just access the Nintendo eShop through the Wii section of your Wii U to find it!

But how can I contact the owner of this site?

You can contact me by e-mailing me here. I will see it eventually.

An unofficial webcomic about Pulseman, following the story of the game. Read the comic as it goes by clicking on the logo above to read it on site or by following it on tumblr or on Twitter.

Welcome to Pulseman.co.uk!

This is a fansite for the Game Freak title, Pulseman, and is completely unofficial. All content from the game on this website belongs to GAME FREAK inc.

I want to make this site a place where everyone who has taken an interest in Pulseman can learn a bit more about the game and how to get it, people who want help playing the game can use it as a guide of sorts and those who already love it can enjoy parts of the title they may not have thought about before.

As of December 2014, this is a brand new site, so it will be missing things here and there as I add more content. All the content on this site such as sprites and maps will be completely sourced by me, so it might take a while! The profile info on the Profiles page was mostly constructed using information on the original Game Freak page from around 2001.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the site here and maybe end up loving this obscure game that deserves more attention than it gets as much as I do!