"A mouse like security Robo. It wanders around the city, keeping watch."

This enemy shows up in the most levels out of all the enemies in the game. It has a set path and moves left and right along it. It won't change it's path. It can be destroyed with all attacks.


"This cat like balloon suddenly appears in the air, armed with a machine gun to attack Pulseman."

This large enemy is airborn and moves fast left and right across the screen. It will follow Pulseman as far as possible and shoot energy balls at him. It can take multiple hits to bring down and is the only non-boss enemy like this. It can be taken down with any attack that can reach it.


"A flying, but unsteady mecha used for reconnaissance."

Eye Balls travel in one direction towards Pulseman in a wave like pattern. They will keep moving either left or right and won't change direction once spawned, regardless of the position of Pulseman. Can be destroyed with any attack that can reach it.


No official information, not included in manual.

This bird like enemy will move in one direction towards Pulseman, like Eye Balls, except in a straight, horizontal line. They won't change direction once spawned and can be destroyed with any attack.


"This bug type creature lives in the CG space. It is fast moving."

These enemies are short, so can only be destroyed with a kick if Pulseman is standing on the same level as them. Otherwise, they can be destroyed in the same ways as other enemies. They have a set path, like Ratts, that they will follow back and forth.


"A remote control TV camera. It has the ability of flight."
(Actually "Flying Handy Camera", but listed as "Fling Handy Camera" in the manual.)

These enemies show up in RWT Network's Studio 9. They swoop at Pulseman in an arc like movement and will continue to do so, turning to face him again at the end of each move, until they are destroyed. Any attack can destroy these enemies.


"A frog type Robo. It hops and bounces, interfering with the path ahead."

This enemy will stay in one place and start bouncing up and down when Pulseman gets close. They won't move left or right in any way, so aren't particularly harmful... unless they are jumping up plaforms underneath Pulseman and take him by surprise. Any attack can destroy a Frogman.


No official information, not included in manual.

These enemies don't actually harm Pulseman. They do, however, fire out balls of water which suck out all of Pulseman's electricity when they hit him, causing him to fall if in mid Volteccer. They cannot be destroyed.

"A missile firing device that is attached to the ceiling. It drops it's bat like missile when Pulseman approaches."

These enemies are attached to the ceiling and will drop down when Pulseman comes close, exploding with contact with either the ground, or Pulseman himself. They can be destroyed by attacking the left over claw on the ceiling after the Bat Missile has been dropped, otherwise they will continue to respawn.


No official information, not included in manual.

These enemies are only seen whilst fighting Waruyama at the end of The USA level. Waruyama fires 4 of these enemies out of his tank at a time to attack Pulseman. They fall from the sky, spread evenly, then move left slowly and off the screen. They can be destroyed by all attacks.


"This enemy doesn't hurt Pulseman when he touches it... but it absorbs his energy."

These enemies can't actually hurt Pulseman at all. But they DO take away any Sparkling State he may have when they touch him. They sit in the air, waiting, until Pulseman gets close. They then follow Pulseman, trying to get onto him. They will continue to stick to Pulseman unless he runs far enough away. These enemies can't be destroyed unless there is a lightning block nearby that you can destroy which takes the Gelgels out with it.


No official information, not included in manual.

These tiny enemies only show up in one level, but are surprisingly formidable. They sit in place until Pulseman gets near. They will then chase after Pulseman, like a Gelgel would, except THESE enemies CAn hurt Pulseman upon contact. They can be destroyed with normal attacks.


No official information, not included in manual.

These bombs are found as Pulseman tries to climb the mountain in the Alaska level. They roll down the inclines as Pulseman is walking up them, turning into snowballs, and explode on impact. They can be destroyed with normal attacks.


"It spins on it's front at high-speed to get around. A penguin like mecha."

Spingys are another fast moving enemy. They move quickly in Pulseman's direction, bouncing off of walls if they can't get to him. They are so insistant on getting to Pulseman that they will throw themselves off platforms to attempt to hurt him. They can be destroyed with all attacks.


No official information, not included in manual.

These spikes are static in one place, jabbing out in a constant pattern. They hurt Pulseman to the touch and can't be destroyed. They can, however, be passed through with a Lightning Dash.

No official information, not included in manual.

These act as platforms and can be stood on in the center. When Pulseman touches the middle of the platform it will contract together, crushing him between the spike panels. These enemies can't be destroyed.

"Octopus like mines. When approached, they explode causing damage to their surroundings."

Octbombs float on the top of the water, moving up and down with the tide. They don't move in any way, but will explode when Pulseman gets too close or touches them. They can only be destroyed by self-destructing, especially since they are encountered around water where Pulseman's electric attacks become useless.


"A fish like dynamic turret. Like a revolver, it shoots out a 6 bullet barrage."

These enemies are encountered under the water, making them hard to easily attack. They move in one direction after being spawned, slowly, stopping to shoot out a bullet before continuing. They can be destroyed with any non-electrical attack, if Pulseman can reach them.


No official information, not included in manual.

These missiles are used in the USA boss and are fired out of the dock Waruyama's tank sits in if Pulseman hits the panel on the front with an attack. They also turn up later again, fired at Pulseman as he moves through a level. They move in one direction, usually left though it CAN be right, and can be destroyed with any attack.


No official information, not included in manual.

These little enemies are only used in Australia's boss fight. The S.S.S. fires them out of itself towards Pulseman. They move left, horizontally, until they are hit with a swipe attack. They will then be reflected back at the S.S.S., potentially hitting it. They can only be destroyed when they come into contact with the boss, but can hurt Pulseman on impact.

No official information, not included in manual.

These enemies move either left or right before dipping down in an arc to attack Pulseman. If their attack misses they will keep going rather than seek back to Pulseman. They usually come in waves, but can be destroyed with any attack.


No official information, not included in manual.

These asteroids fly directly at Pulseman in a straight line. They won't change their direction mid flight. They can be destroyed with an attack or when they hit the scenery.


No official information, not included in manual.

These enemies sit in the ground, constantly firing lasers upwards. They don't move at all and can't be destroyed, but hurt Pulseman to the touch. The enemies and the lasers can be Lightning Dashed through.

No official information, not included in manual.

These little copies of Waruyama fall from the sky, then bounce towards Pulseman. They will continue to bounce in Pulseman's direction until they are destroyed. They can be destroyed with any attack.


(Virtual Reality Hand)
"A massive CG arm. Using special VR equipment, a goon tries to crush Pulseman, who is in CG space, by using superhuman strength. The V.R.H is controlled from the real world using a remote control 'para-glove'."

(Wonder Tree)
"Doc Waruyama's cyborg tree. It's robotic roots crawl from the ground and try to hit Pulseman."

(Dynamite Desert Tank)
"Waruyama's dedicated two-wheel chariot. A special, armed, one-seater tank made for desert warefare. Armed with 20 centimeter guns on both sides which deliver more power when used together."

(Texture Mapping Noishinsu)
"A material absorption ball. This CG ball can suck outside material into itself then wrap it around it's form, freely changing it's material."

"Pulseman's rival. They both have a lot in common, for example; they have both mastered the Volteccer move."

(Super Strong Submarine)
"A serious robo submarine. This submersible was secretly developed by the Galaxy Gang in their submarine base. It is only lightly armed as it is made to perform as a submersible, but it can manipulate torpedoes as weapons."

"A boss character that appears in a game called 'Galaxy Gunner', developed by the Galaxy Gang. It attacks with a giant laser. It can only be damaged when the boss opens and the core is revealed."

(Doc Waruyama)