This item restores Pulseman's energy by one stage. e.g. From red to yellow or yellow to blue.


This item gives Pulseman an artificial, permanent Sparkling State until the end of that section of the level.


This item gives Pulseman an extra life.


Collecting 10 of these will give Pulseman an extra life.


A monitor that allows Pulseman to enter CG Space.

A monitor that takes Pulseman back to the real world.

A platform that moves up and down, helping Pulseman to reach higher, or lower, areas.

A hand device attached to a chain that swings from side to side. When Pulseman stands on it, the 'fingers' hold onto his feet as the platform swings.

This is a destroyable block that destroys enemies on the screen at the same time. It also destroys the rest of the blocks like this on the screen at the same time. This block is the only way to destroy Gelgels.

A screw that shows up in Las Vegas that drills down into blocks when Pulseman stands on it. It stops moving when Pulseman walks or jumps off.

A ball that attracts Pulseman's Volteccer. When Pulseman comes in contact with this object in Volteccer, he will circle around it at speed. Pressing C whislt attached will shoot Pulseman off in the diagonal direction he's facing in.

This screw twists in and out, laying out a path for Pulseman, then undoing it again.

This platform turns in and out of existance. When it is visable, Pulseman can stand on it. When it turns around and disappears, Pulseman falls through.

A moving platform that travels along a track, transporting Pulseman horizontally across pits.

A panel that doesn't do anything when you touch it, but reflects a Slash Arrow when one is fired at it.

This object is only seen in the Bonus Stages. It will catch and hold Pulseman's Volteccer and shoot him off (when C is pressed) diagonally right and left, alternating directions each time it catches him again.