"Stage 1 is set in Tokyo City. Pulseman moves from the city lined with buildings and shops to the satellite broadcaster, "RWT" studio. This area is scattered with Doc Waruyama's security robos wandering around. He tries to travel through the insides of the TVs to get to the studio. Pulseman infiltrates into the TV, headed to the RWT studio that has been occupied by Doc Waruyama. However, what he doesn't know is that Waruyama's magic hand of code is also in the radio waves waiting."

The very first level of the game. The first section of Tokyo City is pretty straight-forward, introducing a couple of the enemies and with only a couple of pits to watch out for. At the end of the section, Pulseman enters CG Space through a monitor on top of a building.

The next secton is made of bright, glowing red, green and blue blocks. A couple more enemies that show up multiple times later are introduced as well. Like the first section, it's also pretty straight-forward. You can walk through the wall where the steps with I-Sees are to get to an Energy Repair. Same with a wall later which you can walk through to get to a VOLTEC ENERGY.

Pulseman then leaves CG space to enter RWT Network'd Studio 9 which is filled with blocks and scaffolding. The biggest danger of this section are the swooping Handy Cameras. Leaving on the right will take you to the boss room.

The boss is a giant wire frame hand that will swipe across the screen left and right, destroying any blocks in it's path. Hurt the hand by using attacks on it as it passes. On each hit it will alternate between travelling across the screen left and right and trying to squash Pulseman from above.


"Stage 2 is set in the Indian rainforest. By Doc Waruyama's evil command, tropical rainforest plants have been mechanised. Waruyama has infiltrated a tree machine, sending out enemies to defeat. Among the machinery trees there are a lot of wires. Pulseman is able to move along the wire using Volteccer. Ride the wires like a tightrope and shake the possession over the forest."

This level starts in the CG space in a vibrant area filled with pink, blue and green blocks (and a crazy palette rotating background). The first enemies you get to are strange, green bouncing frog type things. This level also introduces the wires that Pulseman can Volteccer/Spark through to get to other areas. Other enemies include a green, bat like bomb that gets dropped from the ceiling and the other strange enemies seen in the CG space part of level 1.

The second part of this level is a vertical level that forces you to ride the cables up using Volteccer/Spark to get to the top. No enemies in this section though, which helps because there can be a lot of falling.

The third section is a long, thin level made of semi-transparent blue orange and green blocks. There are enemies in this level, but the biggest hurdle are the large empty spaces where you can fall and die.

Next you re-emerge into the real world in the middle of the rainforest. As you move through the forest, using Wire Action, the trees get more and more mechanised. Eventually you end up in the center, where you face off against this level's boss.

This boss will come up from the ground where you are standing. Alternate times it rises from the ground it will do a different attack, first sending waves down it's cables at you on the floor which you have to hop, then sending out a small spike ball on a wire. The only way you can damage this boss is by Volteccering down the cable whilst it is extended.


"Stage 3, is set in the U.S.A. Located in Las Vegas, Doc Waruyama has been spotted in a casino. He seems to be trying to steal a huge amount of money. Inside the casino is like a maze, you can't advance without beaking the blocks. When you think you've finally cornered Doc Waruyama, he escapes a little further. Break the blocks using Volteccer and go after Waruyama who has fled via warp!"

This level actually starts with a boss in a wild west desert like area, battling against Waruyama's Desert Tank whilst the sun sets. The aim is to destroy Waruyama's tank before it's dark. If you don't Waruyama just drives off screen and you're taken to the next part of the level. If you don't beat Waruyama in this section and he drives off, it doesn't change what happens in the rest of the level.

The second part of this stage takes you into CG Space again in a bright green, yellow and purple area with some breakable green semi-transparent blocks. There are bottemless pits in this area.

You then follow Waruyama into a bright neon casino with rainbow backgrounds and sparkling gold blocks for floor. There are 3 sections like this, one of which is only accessable if you take the lower route on the section with all the 5 cent blocks. If you take the upper route on this section, you bypass the section with all the Eye Balls and skip straight to this level's second boss.

The second wave of Waruyama's Desert Tank he lowers it into some kind of stand. He shoots strange little bird enemies at you, then tries to crush you with the tank from the sky. If you accidentally hit the port on the front of the stand, it will open and shoot a large missile at you, close to the ground.


"Stage 4 suddenly surfaces among ancient ruins in the Indian Ocean. Water is flowing due to a waterfall in the ruins. When in contact with the water, Pulseman's electrical energy is sucked away, attacks such as Volteccer become unusable. In addition, the ruins inside are packed with gears, making it impossible for Pulseman to move fast whilst on them."

This level starts with a section with some large pitfalls. Any water that Pulseman touches will suck all his electricity out of him, leaving him with only non-electric attacks to hit Frogmans with. Large pitfalls are crossed with some wire, but there are machines that spit water that can cause Pulseman to fall.

The next section is a vertical level that requires a lot of Volteccer to scale. It also introduces Gelgels which make using Volteccer harder and requires a bit of running back and forth to get them off Pulseman's back. Bat Missiles also return.

Pulseman then ends up inside the ruins, which have been mechanised by Waruyama, of course. This section is riddled with cogs which are easy for Pulseman to get stuck inbetween and impossible to use Lightning Dash on. There's also the odd Ratt and Bat Missile hanging around.

Entering the monitor at the end of the section with gears takes Pulseman into a section where all the blocks are twice the size. The first part of the two sections like this involves clever use of the green spheres that suck Pulseman in when he gets close in Volteccer. The level then turns into a miniature maze with small but deadly ladybird robos scattered throughout it. The second part of this section involves screws which create paths for Pulseman to cross over large, pink spikes. A Voltec Energy can be grabbed by entering through the ceiling on the lower path.

The boss of this level is a sphere that sucks in the surroundings, wrapping them around itself to turn into a ball of water, wood and 2 varying types of checkered balls. Noishinsu can only be attacked when it has mapped a texture, hitting it when it hasn't taken a texture will cause it to shoot out 3 large, fast, white spheres which hurt Pulseman to the touch. The orange checker ball bounces off the 4 sides of the screen, the blue checker ball traces the outline of the screen whilst getting faster, the wood textured ball bounces heavily off the ground, causing it to shake and the water ball follows Pulseman around the screen slowly, like a GelGel would.


"Stage 6 moves Pulseman to the northern end of the U.S.A, Alaska. Pulseman came to Alaska on the information from Riche that they've discovered the secret base of Doc Waruyama. Pulseman has to climb to the top of the mountain via a snowy road. Rapid acceleration is impossible on the slope, so it is not possible to achieve Sparkling State. Some of the secret base has become like a maze."

This level starts with you climbing up a vertical stage with sloped paths that are impossible to gain Sparkling State up and snowball bombs tumbling down them at you.

Once at the top of the mountain, you enter into an area made of ice and spikes. The Spingy enemy is introduced here, flinging themselves off ledges at you. They're quite fast so they can catch you off guard. Once you reach the end of this section, Pulseman enters CG space.

The stage connections from this section now become somewhat confusing and maze like. In the first section of these areas with Waruyama floor tiles (LEVEL 01), the upper route will take you to LEVEL 05 and the lower route will take you to LEVEL 07. You can Lightning Dash through the piston spikes in the lower route of LEVEL 01.

In LEVEL 02, the IN monitor will take you to LEVEL 06, whereas jumping over the monitor and leaving out the side of the screen will take you to LEVEL 07.

In LEVEL 03, leaving out the end of the section will take you back to LEVEL 01.

In LEVEL 04, the IN monitor will take you to LEVEL 02.

In LEVEL 05, walking across the top of the level and exiting on the far right or exiting through the gap in the wall under the section with the IN monitor will take you to LEVEL 04, taking the IN monitor route will take you to LEVEL 06.

In LEVEL 06, exiting via the IN monitor will take you to LEVEL 03, whereas travelling over the top of the level and leaving out the right of the screen will take you to LEVEL 08.

In LEVEL 07, exiting out the right of the screen will take you to LEVEL 02, leaving via the IN monitor will take you to LEVEL 08.

In LEVEL 08, leaving via the IN monitor will take you to LEVEL 09 and leaving via the top right of the screen will take you to LEVEL 05.

In LEVEL 09, leaving out the right of the screen will take you to LEVEL 04 and leaving out of the IN monitor will take you to LEVEL 10. Exiting LEVEL 10 will free you from the maze and lead on to the next section of Alaska.

The last section of this level, before the boss room, is a long, vertical area. You have to travel down from the top of the area to the bottom, avoiding fast spinning Spingys.

The boss of this stage is Veil. The only way you can damage this boss is by hitting him with a Pulse Rush as he is falling after hitting HIS Volteccer with your OWN Volteccer in mid air. Any other attacks won't work.


"Now they've recieved the information that the Galaxy Gang is making a submarine! Pulseman heads to the seabed. However, as I said before, in water Pulseman's electrical energy becomes unusable. Let's cross the wires whilst the tide is pulling. On the seabed is the factory where they are making the submarine. Riding the conveyor in the factory, Pulseman goes to destroy the submarine."

This level starts with a horizontal stage with large pitfalls and wires. The tide rises and falls, causing Pulseman to well time Wire Action to avoid falling to his death along the wires. As soon as the tide touches Pulseman, he will lose his electricity and Volteccer if he is in a wire. Octbombs float on the tide, getting the way of the path.

The next section is a vertical area which forces Pulseman to fall down deep into the coral reef. As he gets deeper the frequency of bombs increases, making them harder to dodge. Gunfish also swim back and forth. As Pulseman gets deeper, the reef becomes more and more mechanised. Jump into the device causing the sea to swirl to reach the next level.

Once Pulseman is inside the underwater base it turns out to look like a kind of aquarium with fish swimming in the background. This area is mostly open pit that has to be crossed using moving platforms, jumping over or ducking under obstacles to read the other side.

Pulseman then enters CG space again into an area made up of loads of blue and purple bubble blocks. The purple blocks can be broken to get through. Spingys and Gelgels return in this level.

The next area comes out into a crazy looking CG space room with bright blue circle walls that flash and a confusing black background with coloured rings that flash on it. The level is vertical that uses moving platforms to scale. This level looks confusing as the background makes it hard to tell what direction you're moving whilst in the large, open area with 4 moving platforms.

The section it leads to is a lot nicer on the eyes. It involves a thin, long path with blocks to jump over and Waruyama firing missiles at Pulseman as he tries to get through. Pulseman then pops out back into the sea again and Waruyama releases the level boss from it's dock.

This level's boss is a giant submarine shaped like a fish that has an arm that holds a Gunfish as a weapon. It shoots 3 bullets at Pulseman every so often and a small, Waruyama head ball. The only way to hurt this boss is to swipe at the Waruyama ball, sending it back at the sub to damage it if it hits.


"Finally, Pulseman and Riche discover the headquarters of G G. Anyway, they tried entering the game center that seemed suspicious .... But the game room was empty besides some video game cabinets lined side by side. Heck, I wonder where Doc Waruyama is hiding? What is Pulseman to do now?"

The last level actually starts out set inside an arcade video game created by the Galaxy Gang. It is a side scroller that auto scrolls, forcing Pulseman to keep moving forward at all times, upping the difficulty. It's set in space with alien space ship like enemies and asteroids. The ground is actually blue and green rock with magenta breakable rocks obstructing the path. It's very easy to fall down the pits in these sections.The second section is similar to the first, expect the screw platforms return, forcing Pulseman to time his jumps right to get from screw to screw. The third section is another auto scroller, except this time Pulseman has to cross the fire pit by jumping from moving platform to platform.

Once these outside sections are done, the level carries on inside a space station. It is still inside the game and so still autoscrolls until the end. On the way are enemies that fire lasers out to create barriers in the path. These can be passed using Lightning Dash. At the end of this section, one of the bosses appears and the level stops scrolling.

This first boss can only be damaged when it opens to show it's core. However, when it opens it fires a laser out at Pulseman pretty much instantly, not leaving much time to attack before being hit. Use the platforms to fire Slash Arrows then jump out of the way of the laser.

After the Battlestar Great Core, Pulseman continues into another part of CG space that isn't set in an arcade game. This level is green with pink wire ground. Eye Balls return in this level. The next section looks a lot like the last, except it is a large, empty space. There's a Voltec Energy on a platform just above reach. Once Pulseman has this, he has to scale the room using Volteccers alone. However there are Gelgels scattered about to cause Pulseman to fall again, especially near the top of the room, where the exit is.

The are afterward is very dark. It is a completely navy coloured block level with only the colour from a rainbow lined background that fades in and out to see where to go. It requires use of Volteccer to get to some places, but there are also Gelgels around to make that difficult and spiky red balls to hurt Pulseman if he falls because of a Gelgel. Gelgels can actually be destroyed by hitting a lightning bolt block with an electric attack.

The second boss of this level follows from the dark room and is set of a static background with only black lines as a floor. Block "windows" will slowly open, releasing mini Waruyamas which will bounce around the room, 2 at a time. As each is destroyed, another window will open to keep 2 in the room at any one time. Once all the mini Waruyamas are destroyed, Pulseman will finally be transported to the true final boss of the game.

The final boss of the game is set in a small area that doesn't scroll. This makes it somewhat harder for Pulseman to avoid all that Waruyama throws at him. Waruyama, as a head and 2 hands, will hit the ground hard with his fists, causing 2 mini Waruyama's to fall down if there aren't any, keeping 2 mini Waruyamas on the screen like before. The hands will also shoot out 6 diamond shaped projectiles to dodge, then a large energy ball in Pulseman's direction. His hands can be attacked and eventually destroyed. Destroy both of the hands to defeat the boss and complete the game.



"When you finish each level, you will be able to play a bonus stage. You are taken to the bonus stage after the stage ends. Use the Volteccer within the time limit to break all the blocks that are on screen. Each block is worth 100 points. When you get a Perfect by breaking all the blocks, you will get 10000 points and then another 100 points per 1 second of time remaining. At the end of the bonus stage, you will proceed to the next level."

There are 6 different Bonus Stages in Pulseman that come after each of the first 6 levels. If they aren't completed they can't be returned to or attempted again. They don't award anything in particular and are mostly for points and lives. The later stages are also very hard to get a 'Perfect' on.

The Bonus Stages involve destroying all the blocks on the screen using Volteccer (or other attacks if needed), grabbing any Spark Balls or other items as you do. Some of the areas with blocks are hard to get to considering the unpredictable nature of the Volteccer move. The green panel at the bottom of the screen will grab Pulseman's Volteccer and hold it, allowing it to me moved to another area and fired off again. This prevents the need to achieve Sparkling State again on the floor if the Volteccer is bouncing in the wrong area.